The following Patient Educational Videos are designed to help our patients better understand how Acupuncture treatments work, and the Stages of Care that take place in order to get your body from a symptomatic body, back to a healthy body. Please take a moment to watch these videos before your first treatments, in order to understand the process that takes place with Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine to get you back to feeling your best!


The Four Pillars of Health in TCM

Please enjoy this educational video on The Four Pillars of Health in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and how Acupuncture works among these areas of health to correct malfunction and deliver you back to your healthiest state. Once you have completed this video, please continue on to the video below, to learn more about the Stages of Care in Acupuncture that will take place during your treatments in our office.


The Stages of Care in Acupuncture 

Now that you have learned about The Pillars of Health in TCM and how our bodies went from a healthy body, to a symptomatic body, please take a moment to learn further about the Stages of Care that are now going to take place to get your body back to feeling its best. Understanding these Stages of Care help our patient’s to better comprehend the processes their bodies will undergo throughout care & treatment at Complementary Healthcare. We know and believe that when our patient’s are engaged and informed in their care, the success of their treatment is much greater!