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"A Challenge To Women Who Would Never Dream Of Losing Weight Without Exercise or Risky Diets."

"How to Literally Melt Fat Away with a Safe and Effective Approach Discovered by NASA in Space..."

Hello, my name is Dr. Marco DiBonaventura. Did you know that in the 1980’s, NASA conducted multiple studies in space, resulting in the discovery that certain wavelengths of light cause a reaction within various cell structures.

These studies show that low level light can have a healing, natural and healthy influence on the human body, based on which wavelength of light is utilized.

It's called LED Light technology, and unlike ultrasound, radio frequency, laser light or freezing (cool sculpting,) our non-invasive, LED-based light therapy does not cause cellular damage.

It’s quite the opposite because it promotes a natural response within cells based on the wavelength of the light energy used and the type of cell it reaches. 

Dr. Marco DiBonaventura is the founder of Complementary Health Care in King of Prussia, PA.

What is LipoMelt®?

LipoMelt® technology consists of pads of light that have two wavelengths of lights in them. One of the wavelengths of light alters the permeability of the fat cell wall, melts the fat and leaks it out of the cell. The other wavelength of light targets the collagen layer in the skin to increase collagen production to tighten and tone the skin. Those two wavelengths of light together are put into pads of light that we can wrap around different areas of the body to really target those trouble areas that are resistant to fat loss, or that have lost fat but still have a lot of saggy skin around them.

The areas we can work on are abdomen, hips and buttocks, thighs, arms, and face and neck. This technology does not kill the fat cells. We are leaving the fat cells intact and healthy. About 48 hours later, the permeability of the cell wall resolves, and the cell wall is left healthy and intact.

I chose to use this method in our office because we don’t want to kill the cells. You see, fat cells don’t just store fat. They store hormones and toxins and help our body regulate toxin hormone levels that serve good purposes in our body, as opposed to cool sculpting that is also for targeting specific areas, but it freezes the cells and kills them off. That can also lead to inch loss in an area, but it kills the cells. You might think killing and getting rid of fat cells in an area is a good thing, but it’s not what I choose to do here at Complementary Healthcare because I prefer a more holistic, healthy and safe approach. **

LED Light Technology:


Further use in aesthetic applications have shown that red light tends to stimulate fibroblast cells which then cause collagen and elastin to form



The pads can be easily applied to the trouble areas that are resistant to fat loss with no heat or discomfort and is safe to operate for both the patient and the technician



The LipoMelt® light delivers multiple times more mid-600nm and near infrared light than other pads due to the number of German made microchip components per pad and the spacing between the chips.



Infrared light has been shown to stimulate circulation, which can help multiple cell structures resulting in a healing response


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Your no-cost, no-obligation initial evaluation and consultation includes:
• An introduction to our office and LipoMelt® technology
• A relaxed consultation with our Client Manager to discuss medical history and major areas of concern
• A TCM Medical Evaluation by Dr. Marco

I offer new patients a Free Initial TCM Exam and Consultation to determine if they are a candidate for LED- light therapy so they know in advance if we can help them. During the initial consultation, you'll be able to sit down with our case manager and myself for a free weight loss evaluation without any obligation or cost to determine if LipoMelt® therapy is right for you.

About Complementary Health Care

Marco DiBonaventura, L.Ac.

Dr. Marco is a Board Certified Acupuncturist in the state of Pennsylvania while also licensed in the state of Florida as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine. He is a graduate of the School of Complementary Medicine in Oviedo, FL. In addition, he has also completed international fellowships at various hospitals and wellness clinics in China, Japan, and Korea.

Complementary Health Care

Complementary Healthcare provides a tranquil, family like environment that leaves patients very comfortable and satisfied. We are committed to providing reliable healthcare services that complement traditional allopathic care. Through a comprehensive and integrative approach, we help you find your way to better health using acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine.

Excellent Success Treating:

•  Pain Management
•  Infertility
•  Addiction
•  Depression
•  Allergies
•  Weight Loss
•  Stress
•  Insomnia
•  And Much More...

“Between my shoulder, arm and feet pain I felt like I could not fully participate in life. In only one month the pain and joint swelling has diminished. It is amazing to see! Thank you so much!” *


“Because of a surgery the feeling in my leg went away. After coming to Complementary Healthcare for about 2 months I have already started getting that feeling back. Acupuncture has helped me to become hopeful in various parts of my life, thank you!” *


“I had swelling in my legs. My balance and speed were horrible, not to mention the aching sensation that was always there. Now the pain is gone, and my balance and speed have greatly improved. Thank you!.” *


“Because of my stomach pain I had lost my appetite and was losing about one pound per week! I began to suffer from fatigue, and couldn’t make it through the day without at least one nap. Dr. Marco is the only doctor that has been able to help me. And I am amazed at the results. Thank you!” *


“The arthritis in my knees was so bad that I walked up the stairs by bringing one foot up the step and then the other until I reached the top. Now, thanks to acupuncture, I was able to go on vacation and walk on the beach as well as and up and down the stairs of a three story house with no problem.” *


“I suffered from shoulder and knee pain. Now after just 2 short months I am able to raise my hands over my head and go on long walks. I can even brush my teeth and get dressed without effort. Thank you so much!” *


“Between a full time job, a house to keep up with, and a sick child, I had my deal of stress. However, thanks to acupuncture the stresses in my life have gone down and my blood pressure is under control.” *


“I fought depression for two years. In the time that I have been receiving acupuncture from Dr. Marco I have gotten out of the mental fog I was in and have more energy. Acupuncture has not only changed my life, but my family’s life too.” *


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