1. Multiple Sclerosis:

    I was first diagnosed when I was 30 years old. I went to countless physicians with only short term results, if any. Thanks to Dr. Marco and his staff I am able to walk on my own and have a new outlook on life!…Read More

    –Linda W.
  2. High Blood Pressure:

    Between a full time job, a house to keep up with, and a sick child, I had my deal of stress. However, thanks to acupuncture the stresses in my life have gone down and my blood pressure is under control.…Read More

    –Sharon H.
  3. Headaches:

    I suffered from headaches for about 5 months before coming to Complementary Healthcare. I was told that they were brought on by stress. However, now the headaches are gone, my energy is up, and I can sleep through the night, all thanks to acupuncture.…Read More

    –Sharon H.
  4. Digestion:

    Because of my stomach pain I had lost my appetite and was losing about one pound per week! I began to suffer from fatigue, and couldn’t make it through the day without at least one nap. Dr. Marco is the only doctor that has been able to help me. And I am amazed at the results. Thank you!…Read More

    –DJ H.
  5. Depression:

    I fought depression for two years. In the time that I have been receiving acupuncture from Dr. Marco I have gotten out of the mental fog I was in and have more energy. Acupuncture has not only changed my life, but my family’s life too.…Read More

    –Toni H.
  6. Circulation:

    I have been dealing with poor circulation in my feet for about 20 years. Now after just one month the discoloration in my feet has gone down tremendously. Thanks to acupuncture I have an increased sense of wellbeing.…Read More

    –Carol D.
  7. Asthma:

    My Asthma had gotten so bad that I could not walk a few steps without gasping for air; I had to be hospitalized. Since I have been coming to Complementary Healthcare I have noticed an improvement and am looking forward to living a full and healthy life.…Read More

    –John K.
  8. Arthritis:

    The arthritis in my knees was so bad that I walked up the stairs by bringing one foot up the step and then the other until I reached the top. Now, thanks to acupuncture, I was able to go on vacation and walk on the beach as well as and up and down the stairs of a three story house with no problem.…Read More

    –Nadine K.