1. Depression:

    I fought depression for two years. In the time that I have been receiving acupuncture from Dr. Marco I have gotten out of the mental fog I was in and have more energy. Acupuncture has not only changed my life, but my family’s life too.…Read More

    Toni H.
  2. Circulation:

    I have been dealing with poor circulation in my feet for about 20 years. Now after just one month the discoloration in my feet has gone down tremendously. Thanks to acupuncture I have an increased sense of wellbeing.…Read More

    Carol D.
  3. Asthma

    My Asthma had gotten so bad that I could not walk a few steps without gasping for air; I had to be hospitalized. Since I have been coming to Complementary Healthcare I have noticed an improvement and am looking forward to living a full and healthy life.…Read More

    John K.
  4. Arthritis:

    The arthritis in my knees was so bad that I walked up the stairs by bringing one foot up the step and then the other until I reached the top. Now, thanks to acupuncture, I was able to go on vacation and walk on the beach as well as and up and down the stairs of a three story house with no problem.…Read More

    Nadine K.
  5. Weight Loss:

    I have suffered from a weight issue my whole life. Thanks to acupuncture I have already lost 18lbs and still going! Thanks!…Read More

    –Toni H.
  6. greatly improved

    I had swelling in my legs. My balance and speed were horrible, not to mention the aching sensation that was always there. Now the pain is gone, and my balance and speed have greatly improved. Thank you!…Read More

    –Forrest L.
  7. Swelling:

    My fingers were so swollen that I could not even make a fist. Now the swelling is completely gone! Thank you so much Dr. Marco!…Read More

    –Nadine K.
  8. amazing to see

    Between my shoulder, arm and feet pain I felt like I could not fully participate in life. In only one month the pain and joint swelling has diminished. It is amazing to see! Thank you so much!…Read More

    –Carol D.
  9. Pain:

    I suffered from shoulder and knee pain. Now after just 2 short months I am able to raise my hands over my head and go on long walks. I can even brush my teeth and get dressed without effort. Thank you so much!…Read More

    –Anna L.
  10. Numbness:

    Because of a surgery the feeling in my leg went away. After coming to Complementary Healthcare for about 2 months I have already started getting that feeling back. Acupuncture has helped me to become hopeful in various parts of my life, thank you!…Read More

    –Deborah D.